For more than 25 years now, Vivera has been making the most delicious vegetarian and vegan products. This means that we give you delicious variety every day. Almost all ingredients come from our own soil. From our own lupine fields for example, near Vivera in Holten.

But with only a ‘delicious’ product we believe that we're not there yet. That’s why each Vivera product is grown and processed as sustainable as possible. Because everyone gets better from that!

Energy for 3900 households

For example, we do our utmost to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. Our water purification system alone ensures a CO2 saving of 900 tons per year!

Our residual waste also has a smart destination: we ferment it: The energy released as a result is enough for 3900 households and the heat released is sufficient to heat 1550 homes.


The greenest factory in Europe

We hope that it's clear to you that we are aiming to become Europe's greenest production facility in our sector. This is because we are carrying through our sustainable approach down to the smallest detail, in each component of the production chain.

Furthermore, the cardboard we use is FSC-approved and we use free range chickens for chicken egg protein.This way, we create products that are good on all fronts. For everyone!

CSR report Vivera