Raw materials

Almost all the raw materials we use for our products come from Dutch soil - grown, harvested and then processed in our own factory. The majority of these products are based on soy beans, but we use also lupine, chick peas, vegetarian cheese, fresh vegetables and beans.


The soy bean is a perfect raw material for our vegetarian and vegan products. The bean has a high protein content, contains lots of fibre and is rich in calcium and magnesium. In addition, soybeans are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and thus low in saturated fatty acids and they are known as the richest natural source of isoflavones. An absolute pearl and for a reason our most used raw material.


GMO-free soy

We only make use of GMO-free soy from North America that meets the definition in European legislation. In addition we have signed up for membership of the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS). An organisation that aims to foster a global dialogue on soy production. Their aim is to work together with interested and involved parties (producers, business communities and social organisations) to find a solution, which leads to a responsible and sustainable way of soybean production.



Lupine is a typical old crop that we have "rediscovered". The beans of this legume plant are packed with protein and fibre and have a delicious, hearty bite.


Traditional Dutch product

The complete Lupine cultivation is done in the Netherlands in a sustainable manner, on our own plantations near Vivera in Holten. The plant produces nitrogen, whereby you save on fertilizer and CO2. Furthermore, lupine increases biodiversity on the field and in the soil.

In late August the beans are harvested and then processed in our own factory. Hence a traditional Dutch product!



We are closely involved with farmers in the east of The Netherlands for the cultivation of the very best ingredients. For example, we’ve made agreements with a number of farmers who grow Lupine for us on their own fields. These farmers have their businesses all established in the east of The Netherlands, a short distance from Vivera in Holten. Thus the Lupine practically grows in our back garden!