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Press release - Huge demand for 100% plant-based steak!


The Netherlands, Holten, May 29, 2018

Huge demand for 100% plant-based steak: first 40,000 units sold

First delivery at British supermarket chain Tesco nearly sold out

Within a few days the first delivery of 40,000 plant-based steaks to the British supermarket chain Tesco is nearly sold out. As the first supermarket chain in the world, Tesco has been selling 100% plant-based steaks in over 400 supermarkets in the United Kingdom since last week. Vivera also foresees high demand in other European countries and is busy increasing production. Vivera is the first producer in the world to produce the 100% plant-based steak.

Gert Jan Gombert of Vivera: "we are overwhelmed by the great success of the 100% plant-based steak. Within a few days the first delivery of 40,000 items is nearly sold out. The sales could have been much larger, some supermarkets were sold out within a day. The consumers in England are almost without exception very enthusiastic about the taste and texture of the steak. The hashtag #Vivera almost explodes on Instagram. This ground-breaking product has also received a particularly positive reception from professional critics. We will do our utmost to meet market demand as much as possible by increasing our production faster than planned. "

Dutch and Belgian introduction from 11 June 2018
From 11 June, the 100% plant-based steak will appear on the shelves at most Dutch retailers like Albert Heijn and JUMBO Supermarkten. Sales in Belgium will also start from 11 June, at Carrefour.

Vivera expects to be able to produce several millions pieces this year. Only plant-based ingredients such as wheat and soy are used. This makes the product suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people who do not eat meat one or more days a week. Vivera aims in particular at the need for a full-fledged plant-based alternative of the steak for the carnivore.

Official presentation
On Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 May 2018, Vivera officially presents the plant-based steak at the PLMA fair in the RAI Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

95% lower CO2 emission compared to regular steak
The production of plant-based nutrition offers considerable advantages as a result of a much lower environmental impact and less pressure on scarce resources such as fertile farmland and water. Research by research agency Blonk Consultants shows that the CO2 released during production and consumption of one kilo of the 100% plant-based steak is 3.4 kg CO2 compared to 58 kg CO2 in the regular steak of beef. This means a substantial reduction of almost 95% compared to a traditional steak of beef.




About Vivera

Vivera has been pioneering in the development of vegetarian and plant-based meal components since 1990. The company with headquarters and factory in the Netherlands has since grown into one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. The product range consists of more than 40 products and belongs to the top of the market in quality as well as in variety. The products are based on a.o. wheat, soy, peas, corn, rice and vegetables. Its products are developed based on the best taste, bite, appearance, variety, health and value for money. Vivera's range is already available in 23 European countries and around 25,000 supermarkets.


Vivera is Founding Member of the Green Protein Alliance and co-founder of 'Het Planeet’ (Platform Sustainable Proteins). Both organizations stimulate the protein transition from animal to plant-based proteins which improves human and animal health and the environment and provides new market opportunities for all market parties in the value chain. In addition, Vivera recently opened the most advanced production facility for tofu in Europe under the name of Dutch Tofu Company. With Dutch Tofu Company, Vivera is active in the market for high quality tofu that is delivered to a growing number of supermarkets in Europe.


For further information:   

Gert Jan Gombert
Tel. +31 (0) 548- 85 00 00






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