Delicious varied food is the foundation of a healthy diet. Especially when you eat completely vegetarian. Plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, bread, cereals, dairy products and eggs provide all the nutrients your body needs. Our products fit perfectly in a protein rich diet.

Iron and vitamin B12.

Vivera products contain iron and vitamin B12. Essential nutrients for a balanced meal and a good addition to a vegetarian diet.

Vitamin B12 and Iron

Do you eat entirely vegetarian? Then pay attention to your daily supplement of iron and vitamin B12. Iron is an important building block for the production of haemoglobin, necessary for the transport of oxygen in your blood. Vitamin B12 is essential for building tissues.

Both nutrients are well represented in meat. Thus you will need to supplement them. That’s why all Vivera products contain iron and B12. This means that you can tastily vary with your diet and eat what you fancy, and still get all the healthy nutrients your body needs.

Vitamin C

You can’t hear it often enough: eat two pieces of fruit per day. Vitamin C stimulates the absorption of iron from green vegetables, fruits and wholegrain products. Moreover, this way you build up a better resistance. Bon appetit!